The Mount Graveyard Game

The Mount Graveyard

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Come and continue on finding objects here from creepy places. The Mount Graveyard is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames. Have fun!

In the garden of what one would expect to find flowers and greenery, there were old dying trees there, rot, and even graves! Everyone was confused why it was called the garden, for it is not a very enticing and welcoming place, there was even the dead laying to rest there. But for Edwin However, it was the right place to look for the next item which he was looking for throughout the time while Halloween is still lingering in the air.

Edwin was on pursuit of the Halloween treasures which only appears during the time of Halloween, when that day is over then the items disappear again and will only appear on the next Halloween. Edwin doesn't want that to happen and that is why he was on the move with haste just to find the Halloween treasure in the garden graveyard. Now escape players, it is said that the place has weird happenings in there which cannot be explained, be careful of that as you traverse the area for the treasure. Place yourself on the shoes of Edwin then and good luck with this adventure.

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