The Mink Escape Game

The Mink Escape

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Sean's house is the only one in the neighborhood of trees and vegetation, that's why he has a lot of animals as pets there and nobody can complain if there is a foul smell from there, well there is really nobody there to complain for the nearby town is at least a kilometer away. Sean had a lot of birds through the years as well as farm animals for sustaining him, he has a lot of cages too used through the years and nowadays he doesn't use them anymore especially his bird-cages, for his last birds already passed and he plans not to add anymore. Well still his love for animals doesn't stop there, for his recent addition to his pets was this mink and goodness that was a handful of an animal to take care of!

The mink would run around going through small crevices and sometimes it is hard to catch. Well one day, its hyperactivity caught-up to it, for it got accidentally trapped in one of the bird cages there and the worst part about that is, it is locked and Sean doesn't know where the key to it is! Sean has a lot of keys in the house and most belonged to the cages which he had used before, he needs to find that specific key now so he can free his mink and really, that animal is going to be on a leash for a while before it hurts itself. Escape players, care to help out and see if you can find something that can get the trapped mink out?

The Mink Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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