The Meerkat Rescue Game

The Meerkat Rescue

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Russel was one day uneasy for he can no longer find his meerkat! He raised it from a young pup and it had really grown accustomed to him. There is no way he can send his meerkat back to the wild anymore for there is a huge chance it will be killed by the local meerkat colonies for it is technically a foreign one now. That's why Russel was really focused in finding the animal for it could be that his worst nightmares might be what happened to it. Luckily, he found the animal and it wasn't his nightmares that made it disappear, but that doesn't mean it's in a good situation right-now.

Russel found his meerkat inside somebody's cage! He knows that it's his for it has a distinct mark on it. Who in the world captured his meerkat here and who captures meerkats anyways? Well only the ones that eats everything in the wilderness to survive and sometimes they can be unreasonable. Russel knows he will be in for a fight here, so he did the next best thing and choosing a path with somewhat less resistance, and that is to rescue his meerkat while nobody is looking. Escape players, Russel needs stealth here now, will you give him a hand on that so he can then leave quickly with his cherished meerkat?

The Meerkat Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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