The Medieval Chamber Door Escape Game

The Medieval Chamber Door Escape

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Pietro just discovered a new room in the medieval castle, but as he successfully opened it he expected to find another empty room for there are a lot of those there in the place and almost every month they find a new one which are always empty. But what Pietro found however was a bedroom and in it were the old items which was once used by the people there! Pietro could not believe what he just found, it's almost like a breakthrough, for years they really haven't found anything interesting but that day makes a difference. But even when they found something great however, Pietro didn't realize he was going to get in trouble there in the room which he just found.

Pietro found-out that he could not escape from the room anymore for the doors could not be opened! Pietro immediately felt trapped and helpless for he was in the most secluded part in the castle and any call for help will not be heard. Pietro began to think then that the room might have a thing or something that it just locks automatically, well whose to say there isn't something like that in this place? For a lot of things have already happened since they have been there. Escape players, will you help Pietro escape though and safely before he is forced to destroy something just to escape?

The Medieval Chamber Door Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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