The Marmoset Escape Game

The Marmoset Escape

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Marmoset populations have gone down really bad and that's why the sanctuary operatives are trying their best to find-out what happened and along the way, finding the remaining marmosets as well so that they can be saved from the unknown thing that is slowing them down. One of those operatives was Shane and he had been working pretty hard to get his tasks done and so far for the week, he found two wild marmosets and they have already been transported to a controlled area where they can be protected. Shane was always trying his best to figure-out what's happening and that day, he thought he might finally have the answer.

Shane found a settlement there in the middle of the forest and upon the sight, he was confused for no such place had been recorded in the books and in-fact, the only settlement there was a local tribe and what Shane found was definitely not one of them. To top the problem even more, Shane found a marmoset in there and it's inside a cage! Shane immediately thought to himself then, poachers. They could be poachers and they might be the ones that are responsible for the marmoset's population decline. Shane decided then that he'll rescue the marmoset and return with reinforcements, but he needs to be very careful, for these guys here are potentially armed and he could get in danger. Escape players, play as Shane here and ready yourselves for the rescue.

The Marmoset Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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