The Lost Sword

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Your family is one of the greatest fighters of all time. They have trained for very long years and helped the kingdom rise above all. You never get to witness their greatness. But at least the books and stories made them live forever. You wonder what happened with all their weapons. For sure some may be inside museums and others as private property. You somehow can’t accept this. You’re still alive and have the right to these things. So slowly you’re gathering their things. But it will not be easy. Your parents didn’t declare your existence. They’re afraid that their enemies will follow you in the future and harm you. But you know fully well who you are. And you believe it’s time to expose yourself. It seems a peaceful time now. And you want to preserve everything your ancestors worked hard for. One by one you gather the weapons.

You’re able to acquire a sword which your great grandfather used. It has his initials engraved on it. You look at it and somehow wish you’re able to use it to. So you thank the person for returning it you even though he doesn’t seem too happy. You keep the sword at your home. Then the next day you realized it’s gone. Play The Lost Sword room escape game by Mirchigames.