The Little Witch Cottage

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Wendy woke-up and found herself in a different house which as it looks she thought was not a good place to be. Wendy found no one inside, she looked through the windows and tried to see familiar grounds around, she did find some and her eventual verdict was she became convinced she is in the house of the rumored witch of the town! And it seems legit!

Wendy have no idea how she got there and why was she there. Her initial thoughts were, is this a dream? If not, then this is definitely the work of the witch. But why her? She didn’t hurt anybody especially her. Where was the accused witch anyways? Well, Wendy is not going to wait for her and find-out what’s going to happen to her there, she needs to escape now for as she saw this could be her only opportunity. But it’s not going to be easy though, for she is actually stuck in there for the doors were locked! Escape players, Wendy’s fears are starting to get the best of her there, she might not be able to think straight now. Want to help her then so she can escape quickly and get-out of the area then?

The Little Witch Cottage is the newest point and click scary indoor escape game created by Hidden 247.

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Walkthrough video for The Little Witch Cottage

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