The Halloween Crime Chapter 3 Game

The Halloween Crime Chapter 3

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The most wanted man on the list is still at large. A man known as Swami has died in a car explosion. No one knows the reason for this and it is still a big mystery. You are the investigator in charge of finding the culprit of this insidious and heinous crime. Not much is known of the victim. He does not have any records of being a criminal. He also does not have enemies as far as you are aware. You already asked the relatives and acquaintances closest to him but you still do not have any leads to a perpetrator.

Your inquisitive mind is thinking of several possibilities. What if this Swami person is a criminal genius and is the person behind everything. There is a possibility that he faked his own death to throw the detectives off his trail. You think this is a probable outcome because clues are very scarce. You have no choice but to go back to the crime scene to sweep it for evidence one more time.

The Halloween Crime Chapter 3 is a thrilling point and click escape game from Mirchigames. Use your skills as a detective to solve the mystery.

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