The Halloween Crime Chapter 2 Game

The Halloween Crime Chapter 2

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The biggest Halloween party of the year has just ended. However, it was also during the party that the most mysterious crime occurred. With all the people that attended, you would think that there will also be many witnesses and testimonies. It is quite the contrary because for some reason, the participants in the party have no recollection of the events that transpired. They all said one thing in common and that they saw the man with a green bottle. It seems that this is the key to solving the greatest crime of the ages.

The events that transpired has become global because no one could solve its mysteries. In addition, a few girls from the neighborhood have gone missing. Are these two separate incidents or are they connected? At any rate, you need to find the infamous man with the green bottle. He is your biggest lead in solving this mystery.

The Halloween Crime Chapter 2 is a thrilling point and click escape game from Mirchigames. You are investigating the remnants of a Halloween party. You must point and click the objects you find to reveal hidden and important clues. You must then use these clues in finding your perpetrator. Good luck!

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