The Ghost Warrior Rescue Game

The Ghost Warrior Rescue

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Come and join in on the unusual rescue here with us! The Ghost Warrior Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy!

In the ancient bastion near the city, there are different kinds of happenings there and most would point to the paranormal activity which had been occurring in that place for hundreds of years. A lot of warrior spirits are not put to rest there, for they went through hardship before they are executed. As a medium who happened to visit there that day, there was this warrior ghost who had been following Daniella through every room she passed and no matter how many doors she closes, the ghost would still follow her. What was this ghost's deal anyways? But she soon realized what and because she was the only one who can see him, she has to lend him a hand.

For centuries he had been moving through the bastion finding anyone that can rescue him from this accursed trap of a place until, Daniella came along and he thought maybe he can help him to finally leave the place. Daniella is seriously thinking about what she needed to do here whether to help the ghost of a warrior or not. Escape players, what would you do? Join Daniella here then on this rescue adventure, Have fun with us everyday!

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