The Gardener Boy Rescue Game

The Gardener Boy Rescue

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The gardener kid just got himself in a whole-lot of work that week, house by house everybody needed him to plant new vegetation and overall take-care of their gardens. In turn, the kid got even more experienced in gardening plus the tips which made him set for the month. Well that day however, the kid's job wasn't done yet for Elena was having a bit of a problem with a heavier plant and because she lives alone, she couldn't get help from anybody with it except from the gardener boy. Elena tried to call for him but unfortunately she couldn't, it seems that the neighborhood was on to something, she tried to find-out and she got really concerned what she got.

The people in the neighborhood have been trying to find the kid but they couldn't, even his mother didn't know where he was! Everyone was looking for him and thinking maybe they gave him too much work and that made him go? Unlikely, for he even told his mother that he liked his new job. Elena tried her best too until, she made a break herself! The boy was actually trapped behind a door in the old house! How did he get there? Nobody lives in that place for years but why is he in there? Elena will very much rescue him of course for he is a good kid and as a person then she must. Escape players, want to join in the rescue with Elena here and see if you can help?

The Gardener Boy Rescue is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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