The Forgotten Cave 3 Game

The Forgotten Cave 3

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Ahh the forgotten cave! When you were a child, you and your friends frequently came here to play. The cave was your kingdom. There were no limits for your imagination. Of course, time has passed, the old crew got scattered. Everyone left the village. It happened that you had business to do in the area and finished a little bit early. You decided to use your spare time and have a little nostalgia.  You had a hard time to find the cave, but eventually you succeeded. Strange, it looked a bit different in your memories. I guess the eyes of a child could see way more. Wait, I hear footsteps...!

  1. Date: January 11, 2016
    Author: SueSunday
    Thanks a lot for making the items a little larger - i can see them now (even if they are half-transparent...). Have a nice day! [Reply]

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