The Ferret Escape Game

The Ferret Escape

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There are old houses in the wilderness but nobody should make a mistake and come knocking into one of them though, for the people who lives there are aboriginals who do not want to get involved with modern man and they are sometimes known to attack even! It is best to stay away from them. But that day however, Leone could not simply stay away for not only he lives in the same forest with them, but one day as he roams around he saw that those people have captured his ferret!

Leone didn't want at all to be involved with those people, but that ferret is Leone's ally in this wilderness, that's because the animal helps him a lot in looking for food. In return Leone treats it more like a pet but a friend. Leone needs to get it back now for there is a strong chance that they will definitely make a meal of that irreplaceable friend of his. Leone doesn't want a confrontation from those aboriginals though, so he'll be cunning with this and hopefully he doesn't leave a trace of him as he rescues his ferret. Escape players, you now play as Leone here for the rescue. Will you be able to get his ferret and escape out of there then quick?

The Ferret Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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