The Farmer Escape Game

The Farmer Escape

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That day, the town's farmer who was the biggest contributor of produce was not able to go to the market to deliver his goods. People have already lined-up in the place but they eventually left for it had gone too long and the farmer still didn't arrive. As one of the consumers of fresh produce and is also a friend of the farmer, Clement decided to check the farm to see what's going-on there and why didn't the farmer arrive which he always does every 3 days.

Clement arrives in the place and he found the farm normal, everything was at place. But the only different thing was a human-cage in the middle of the farm and when he checked it out, he saw behind the grilled door was the farmer! He was trapped in there and it seems that he doesn't want to get out or something. But of course Clement will try to get him out of there for who knows how long was he inside that thing. Escape players, want to help Clement here get the farmer out and also get some answers why was he inside the thing? Do this carefully then as to not hurt the guy.

The Farmer Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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