The Fantasy Mermaid Game

The Fantasy Mermaid

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It's your dream to be a mermaid. But looks like it will just remain a fantasy for the rest of your life. Despite of the fact that you can never be a mermaid, you still have a hope in your heart. A hope that you can still become a mermaid someday. For the meantime, you just want to pretend that you are a mermaid so you went to the beach for this. To your surprise, you saw a lovely mermaid along the shore. You know for sure that she is not just a fantasy. So you went near her but looks like she's not in the vibe to fulfill your dreams. She can't really help you right now. In fact, she's the one who needs your help. She lost her way and she ended up in this beach.

You know that people are not too friendly with creatures like her so you have to help her to escape. She can give you clues but you still need to work for it. You have to solve some puzzles for you to understand these clues. Play this newest outdoor escape game from Games 4 Escape and help The Fantasy Mermaid to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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