The Elephant Rescue Game

The Elephant Rescue

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You were trying to find ways to feel better after riding an elephant for fun. You didn't know the things they had to go through to be able to behave that way. So you promised yourself you'd find elephants to help. It wasn't easy though. There weren't many elephants in your area as they don't really thrive there. You always had to go to other places every weekend in search of them. It wasn't an easy job. And so you decided to skip one weekend of looking for elephants. Instead, you looked for a forest to have a little picnic and maybe practice your photography. It was still early when you arrived at the forest. You couldn't help but inhale the fresh air. You didn't want to waste the cool morning just sitting and eating. With your camera, you wandered around.

You were about to take a picture of a beautiful flower when you saw in your frame an elephant's head. You thought you were just imagining it. But as you approached it, you realized it was a small elephant stuck in a hole. This was the chance for you. Play The Elephant Rescue outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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