The Diamond Clash Game

The  Diamond Clash

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The ticking clock was all you could hear in the middle of the night. You tried to locate the missing diamond. The only sound that was breaking the silence aside from the clock was your keyboard tapping. You needed to enter the system of the location of the diamond. Doing so would help you choose the best and fastest ways to get to the diamond without causing a great commotion. You wouldn't want to attract the attention of the wrong people. This had been your source of income since you left work. You had a very stable job but you just couldn't appreciate it. You felt that you were made to be something better. Then the guys you were working with now appeared out of nowhere. They were performing their task when you bumped into them. Unintentionally, you revealed what they were working on.

So they immediately picked you up and brought you somewhere where they could debrief you. However, your memory was very good and your deductions on point. They felt it was a waste to let you go. And that was how you got this job. But it was not without any challenges. Play The Diamond Clash room escape game by NSR Games.

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