The Detective Escape Game

The Detective Escape

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Try and rescue someone here who was both important and trapped! The Detective Escape is brand new point and click rescue escape game from Avm Games for another one to try and solve.

Strange pyramids have risen from the sandy land here and it was very strange for it just appeared overnight. Nobody can really understand why those have appeared and nobody knows their purpose, that's why they asked for a detective who has specialty for such events and throughout the day, he did his thing. As a person who lives at the nearby village where the pyramids have risen, Ian was one of those people who had called for the defective and everyone was just itching what in the world was going-on.

The detective got to work with everything that he can find and even him was mystified, it doesn't seem to be extraterrestrial for the pyramids were made from the same material it was standing on. The detective was very close to understanding the nature of the pyramids, but when Ian was observing him doing his thing, he saw that the detective got suddenly trapped inside one of the pyramids and he was like really asking for help! Ian at first did not know what to do, but the detective here is getting in some trouble, will he be able to get some courage to save the trapped detective here? Escape players, go ahead then and join Ian, be very careful in tinkering with the pyramids here.

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