In the Dark Forest game, a wild fox stares at you as if wanting to say something.

The Dark Forest

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You are a ranger who adheres to the forestry code strictly than anyone else. Moreover, poachers are your enemies as they’ve been trying to steal the very animals you’re protecting in the forest. Since it is the hunting season at this time of the year, you’re finally giving yourself a break. On this day, though, you come across a really strange happening. A bough broke into two separate pieces under your weight as you step onto it and you lost consciousness.

The event teleports you into a parallel universe. At first you panic at the situation easily. However, as time passes, you realize it is a game to be solved to get back to the real life. You’ve met the animals you protected and as thanks, they’re willing to assist you in anyway they can. Now it’s up to you how much does it take to get back. Good luck and have fun!

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Walkthrough video for The Dark Forest

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1 year ago

game does not work