The Dark Fence 30 Game

The Dark Fence 30

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You're starting to see some bright light coming from somewhere. However, you're not very sure as to the duration of that light. But while it's still shining, you need to work your way in this location to find the 15th object. The first thing you notice on the place is a well. Then your mind starts to think of a memory regarding it. You don't know why, but it seems like your mind really wants to remember a memory. So you sit on the side for a while to allow your brain to work. After a few seconds, you start to hum a very familiar tune. It's from your childhood which seems like so long ago. Your childhood memories are always colorful and it's nice to remember them while you're facing such bleak situations. "And Jill came tumbling after." You voice out the words from the tune in your mind.

You look at the well and the surroundings. The hill becomes a flat ground but the well remains. The song doesn't tell what happens after the two kids fell down. But you know the story that happened after. You were not in the song but you were there when it happened. And this gives you the clue to the location of the item. Play The Dark Fence 30 room escape game by Enagames.

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