The Dark Fence 27 Game

The Dark Fence 27

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The moon is shining so bright in this place. You don't know where you've heard this, but this place used to be one of the most favorite places of a princess. The princess was a strange one. She seemed to like the light coming from the moon the most. So she would take a walk at night when the moon shone at its brightest. This made her smile more than anything. Then for whatever reason, the princess stopped coming here. And the place was abandoned since then. Looking at the place and how the moon shines, you would also love to come here often. But what interests you, is the reason for its abandonment. As you're thinking about these stuffs, you see a structure in the distance. You know you'll find helpful items in here and so you enter.

The moon's light still shines through the window lighting up the interior. It helps you to look around and move around the stuffs. Then you see a staircase and you just can't help but climb it. Based on your previous missions, you know that every place has its significance somehow. And you shouldn't ignore anything. Play The Dark Fence 27 room escape game by Enagames.

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