The Dark Fence 25 Game

The Dark Fence 25

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You managed to move from the cemetery to the next location. Although you wouldn't be seeing any skeletons anymore, there were still jack-o-lanterns. And the scary feeling still followed you. But you know it'd be just fine as you were able to acquire the previous item. You were appreciating the change of view when you thought you saw something moving by the window. You were not very sure of it. Yet you would surely like to get inside and investigate on it. If it was something that could make your missions easier and shorter, then you would grab the chance. However, before getting inside, there were challenges lined up front. So you needed to get to them one by one first before being able to go further. You noticed the lit lanterns. There must be someone doing all these things including the placing of items and puzzles.

This gave you a slight hope that you might indeed meet someone here. But for this mission, you still needed to give your best and work on your own. You might be able to meet another human being someday. Or you might not. Yet what mattered most was that you kept on moving. Play The Dark Fence 25 is a room escape game by Enagames.

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