The Coconut Seller Escape Game

The Coconut Seller Escape

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The coconut seller is a real friend for even though he does his business with coconuts and makes money out of them, he still gives some of his yield and even some of his earnings to the less fortunate. Kiko was one of those beneficiaries of that help from him, so he decided one day to repay the debt which at first the seller refused by offering his services in the coconut fields. The coconut seller has a lack of personnel that time, so he accepted Kiko's offer and of course after a few years, he is now the most trusted helper there.

Kiko one day was helping the seller once again at the coconut trees for the week's harvest, but then the coconut seller who was now his employers experienced a problem and it so happens that Kiko was nearest to him! Of course Kiko will help his employer for he was helpful and even though he is an employee there, it doesn't repay the fact that he rescued his family way back. The coconut seller lost his keys to his truck and he needed it to go and transport his coconuts to the market before the road gets crowded. Will you help Kiko here escape players as he also help the coconut seller find those missing keys?

The Coconut Seller Escape is another new point and click item retreival escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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