The Circus Elephant Rescue Game

The Circus Elephant Rescue

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Come and try your skills here on this rescue for a pretty big animal. The Circus Elephant Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly. Best of luck!

The circus has this rare yellow elephant and it's legit, nobody knows why it has that color for most coloration of animals in a different hue comes from albinism which has a product color of white and red eyes, but that one was absolutely surreal, it's like a marvel of the century. But however famous, the animal is actually being maltreated behind curtains so that it would behave to the trainer's commands. That's a pretty bad idea, for elephants have a higher sense of consciousness among animals and could become rogue if treated wrongly for an extensive amount of time. That's why one day, Jason who was a visitor of the circus and was a witness of this mistreatment, he decided to rescue the animal and quietly, seems like a pretty impossible feat for such a giant animal, but he'll try.

Escape players, Jason is going to have to find the key to the door of the elephant's cage and smoothly get away from there. Hopefully on his attempt here it will do good for the animal and especially to its trainer, for the animal can definitely squish him no sweat. Place yourself on the shoes of Jason here then and be cunning on this rescue even though the animal is not really easy to hide. Have fun!

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