The Circle - Traveller Camp Escape 33 Game

The Circle - Traveller Camp Escape 33

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To travel the world is your goal. You admit that your goal is expensive so as much as possible, you try stay in a traveller camp. This is way cheaper than the hotel. However, the service in the camp is not that good as compared to the hotel. In fact, no one is answering to your call when you need help. It's almost morning which means that you have to get up and prepare for another destination. However, you can't move on with your next destination if you can't escape from the camp. You have to get your things inside your trailer but the door won't open. You can't leave this camp unless you have your things. Therefore, you have to find your own way to open the door so you can escape from this camp. Your logic would play a very important role for that.

There are so many puzzles in this camp that you need to solve before you can escape. On the good note, there are also clues that can help you out. Play The Circle - Traveller Camp Escape 33 room escape game by Enagames and use your logic to escape from the camp. Good luck and have fun!

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