The Circle - Tortoise City Escape Game

The Circle - Tortoise City Escape

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The situation is slowly dawning on you. There's this firefly inside the book that knows something about the second object you're looking for. How you discovered the book and how the firefly got there you had no idea. Then again, you just know that things are slowly making sense to you. You may not be in the human world anymore. These things that appear before you are beyond what humans can comprehend. Yet you still try to work with whatever you have. For all you know, you're in a very important mission. And you need to follow the leads to be able to reach the next clue. The firefly knows something but you need to bring it to Tortoise City first. It is only there where you can hatch the egg so the firefly may share the information with you.

So you have to travel to Tortoise City. The travel there can be full of challenges. However, you have no plans of giving up on your mission. So you bring the egg with you with full determination of getting the clue as to where to be and what to do next. Play The Circle - Tortoise City Escape room escape games by Enagames.

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