The Circle 2 - Witch House Escape 27 Game

The Circle 2 - Witch House Escape 27

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It's late night and you really need somewhere to rest. You can't drive when you are sleepy so you went down on your car to check if there is a hotel nearby. Unfortunately, there are no hotels or motels in the place. But the good news is, there is a small house that you can see. You don't have a choice. So you knocked on it with a hope that the owner will let you stay for awhile. You are lucky that she is nice enough to let you in. But if you really think that you are lucky, then you have to think twice. This old lady is not just an ordinary lady. She is nice to you because she has a secret agenda.

She is a witch and she wants you to be her dinner. This is not a part of your plan so you have to find a way to escape from here house as soon as possible. She is in the kitchen preparing the ingredients. This is the perfect time for you to find the key which can open the door. The Circle 2 - Witch House Escape 27 is another room escape game from Enagames. Best of luck!

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