The Circle 2 - Sky World Escape 43 Game

The Circle 2 - Sky World Escape 43

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You're in another world once more. It seems like the world is about to light up. You can see in the distance that the sun is about to rise. However, you can never be sure. For so many times you've had your hopes up only to be disappointed with the outcome. But you know you have not much options. Either you go and look for the light and stay with your mission. Or you go on with your mission and just hope that the light will also follow. For this mission, you have to wake up a creature that can give you a hint on what and where to do next. You're quite sick of seeing people from the other side come back looking like they shouldn't. Then again you can't really escape them. It seems like they always come with every mission.

They do you no harm though. And that's what's important for you right now. You just have to stick to the side they favor for you to continue your journey peacefully. You have to look for many items and you likewise need to solve puzzles. But all these are just like a part of your everyday life in this journey. Play The Circle 2 - Sky World Escape 43 room escape game by Enagames.

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