The Circle 2 - The Ghost In Cloud City 28 Game

The Circle 2 - The Ghost In Cloud City 28

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You have a friend ghost who's looking for a body. You can't seem to understand why he needs it. But you can already feel his desperation. So you offer your help to him. You want him to feel satisfaction with whatever's left of him. Then again, you know this is another challenge on your part. Whenever you offer your help you end up giving so much more. But it's such a mystery why you still keep on doing it though. Maybe it's because you also feel the satisfaction of being able to lessen the burden of any creature you meet. The place looks so normal and ordinary that you feel like you won't find any thing that's of importance. But you're still willing to take the risk. It's better to stop after you tried so hard than to not even try at all.

So you start on the ground hoping to pick up something that can point you to the location of the other items. Yet since you're alone, you can clearly see the ground. And you can't see any useful items at all. You move further down the road stopping once a while. Then you slowly become hopeful as things pop out one by one. Play The Circle 2 - The Ghost in Cloud City 28 room escape game by Enagames.

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