The Circle 2 - Book World Escape 42 Game

The Circle 2 - Book World Escape 42

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They call you book worm and that is true. You really love books so much to the point that you are imagining yourself that you are in it. One day, while you're reading an old book, you're imaging that you are in that book. Moments later, you felt like the surrounding is changing. You thought that it's just a part of your imagination but you are wrong. The surrounding really changed. You learned that the book that you read has a spell and because of that, it brought you inside the book world. It's really cool to jump inside the book but this is not the world where you belong. You have a life outside this book so you have to find a way to escape. However, you can't do that in an instant. There are puzzles that you have to solve before you can fully escape.

But you should not worry too much because there are clues that you can find along the way. You've been using your logic for the sake of your imagination but now, you have to use it to escape. The Circle 2 - Book World Escape 42 is the newest room escape game from Enagames. Good luck and have fun!

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