The Circle 1 - Wooden land Escape 39 Game

The Circle 1 - Wooden land Escape 39

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There is something special about this land but you don't know what it is. After a few minutes of walking through it, you finally knew what that was. This land is entirely made up of woods. You find it really cool until you noticed that you can't find the way out. At first, you really enjoy looking at the wood carvings but the sun is slowing coming down. You don't want to stay in this place on night time. This is the problem that you have to think about right now. The thing is, there is nobody else in this place except you so you have to find your own way to escape. There are puzzles that you have to solve before you can escape from this wooden land.

Because of that, you have to look for clues that can help you out. Not only that, you also have to gather objects that you can use to complete those puzzles. But most importantly, you have to use your logic to be successful. Time is running low so you have to be quick. The Circle 1 - Wooden land Escape 39 is the newest room escape game from Enagames. Good luck and have fun!

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