The Circle 1 - Wolf City Escape 40 Game

The Circle 1 - Wolf City Escape 40

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You always like hearing the wolf howl at night. There's something mysterious about them and at the same time creepy. Your teacher even said that Hecate is roaming at night as the dogs howl. You really want to see this happening. But your grandma keeps you from going out at night. She doesn't like the idea of you going out there in the dark. Yet you enjoy the adventure though. So tonight, you'll wait for the wolf to howl. Then you're going to follow the sound and see what the wolf sees. A few minutes before midnight, you hear the wolf and you immediately run outside. All the people are inside which means no one will inform your grandma. But as you're running, the surroundings begin to slowly change. You can't stop running though as your body seems to move on its own.

Then finally you stop and the surrounding is fully different. There are so many strange things around. It makes you fear that touching one will turn your whole life around. But just looking around can't help you either. So you start walking around to see if there are things or someone who can help you get out of this place. Play The Circle 1 - Wolf City Escape 40 room escape game by Enagames.

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