The Circle 1 - Snake Town Escape 38 Game

The Circle 1 - Snake Town Escape 38

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Last night, you watched bakers battling over the $10,000 prize. The cake they were trying to make was about the Cobra's Curse. It had been a long time since you watched the show. So you gave your full attention to the television. After seeing the amazing winning cakes, you went to bed. In your mind, what you could see were the cakes and how it would taste like. You'd closed your eyes for a few minutes already. But it seemed like you just couldn't sleep. So you sat on your bed thinking of something to do to make you sleepy. Then you thought of drinking warm milk. But as you stepped out of your room, you saw the living room changed into a different place. You tried to go back to your room to double check. But as you let go of the door handle, it disappeared.

You were a bit scared of the changes. Yet what made you shiver was the huge snake facing you. It was a structure you could explore. But it didn't look a bit inviting. But as you waited for something to happen, you realized doing nothing would get you nowhere. So you started interacting with the items to see where it would lead you. Play The Circle 1 - Snake Town Escape 38 room escape game by Enagames.

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