The Chipmunk Escape Game

The Chipmunk Escape

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Jeremy had been trying to look for this chipmunk which escaped his care, why would he go through all of the trouble to look for it? Well that's because that chipmunk is an anomaly for its size and was quite big for a normal chipmunk! The forest is a really big place and he doubts he'll even find this animal, he thought it might have been trapped in some cage already and unfortunately, he wasn't wrong and it's even worst!

Jeremy found this very strange house and as he peeked inside it through the window, he saw the walls were strangely colored in red. That's very creepy and his hairs immediately raised of the sight. But as he continues to look inside however, he saw his giant chipmunk inside a cage. He needs to get it back for the animal is only one and he might not see like it ever, and besides it had already grown accustomed to him and even though the place holds unknown dangers, he'll still go for the rescue. Escape players, want to help Jeremy here rescue his chipmunk and quickly before he finds-out what the place really is?

The Chipmunk Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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