The Chase 01 Game

The Chase 01

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Try this adventure here escape players where you have to venture a place with time running-out for you! The Chase 01 is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by First Escape Games.

Sherwin was given a chance to check a strange house which stands beyond the shore and it's on top of water, the structure looks permanent and old, he just wondered why would anyone place their residence in that specific spot. Well that structure is still pretty mysterious and for years people had been protecting it for there are still treasures hidden in that place, it's prone from being looted. Sherwin was pretty lucky, for the guards who protects the area just left for there is a more serious problem just near it that they need to respond, but their absence is not permanent however.

Sherwin must leave before they return, that's why he needs to make haste if he wants to get a significant amount of treasure there and escape without confrontation. Escape players, time is chasing Sherwin and he is not sure if he'll make it, will you be able to make this mission a success though? Join Sherwin here then and make this one a pass.

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