The Car Garage Game

The Car Garage

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You were planning to spend the whole day just studying things inside the museum. Although you didn't like your part history classes, you somehow learned to love it. But it needed to be presented in such an interesting way. Not just like it was an insignificant list of people and events. There was once a teacher who awakened your love for history. However, you only had a short semester with her. Still she was able to influence you to search for the fun in looking back at the past. So you always make time to visit museums whenever you were near one. It was your way of staying connected to the past and learning from it. The museum likewise offers a place of peace and quiet. Then again, robbers went inside. A robbery happened. You would've stopped the robbers but your life was more precious.

You couldn't help but feel so dismayed at the actions of the robbers. So you promised yourself to bring back the stolen items one by one. You started with the dragon statue. It could be found at the car garage. You didn't have any idea as to how long it would take. Yet you knew you just had to do something. Play The Car Garage outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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