The Busted Papers – The Priest – 1

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Last month, you started to see a strange drawing on the wall of the church. You were quite imaginative and you could make out a lot with just even dots. So you thought your mind was just playing tricks on you again. And that you shouldn’t really spend your time wondering about what you were seeing. But then, one of the priests called your attention. You thought you’d get in trouble. You started to apologize. But then he started to ask you about what you were seeing. Your eyes widened but you decided to tell him. He said that he wished to tell you more. But he couldn’t do so openly. Instead, he told you to do some exploration of the rooms he’d tell you. You were a bit hesitant but he said it was only you who could see what you saw.

That was the greatest requirement before sending someone to continue looking for the items to know more. You breathed deeply and accepted the offer. Then you were ushered to a room. He said you’d figure out the rest when you found what you should find. So you started combing the room. And hoped you’ll fulfill your quest. Play The Busted Papers – The Priest – 1 room escape game by Enagames.