The Busted Papers - Big Boot Game

The Busted Papers - Big Boot

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When you were younger, your parents used to bring you to a playground. One of the reasons this playground was popular was because of the giant sculptures. There were sculptures of animals, vegetables, and a big boot. Ever since, you always wondered why there was only one boot. You were thinking that the other pair must be lost somewhere. So you promised to find the other pair and bring it with you. Whoever lost the giant boots might be wondering about its location. You never liked losing your stuffs. So you could only imagine how it would be like for the owner to keep on searching for his footwear. A few years later, you received this mission. You'd been going to a lot of places already. But you hadn't seen the other pair yet. That was until you reached this place for your current mission.

You had to go through a thick dead forest while the fighting the urge to freeze. Then at the edge of it, you found a structure. You thought it was a house. But a closer look revealed that it was a big boot. This looked exactly like the ones you found at the playground. However, you were here to complete your mission and not to bring the boot back. So you had to work quickly to finish the mission to work on your personal one. Play The Busted Papers - Big Boot room escape game by Enagames.

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