The Beacon Hill - The Orphanage Game

The Beacon Hill - The Orphanage

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You had very few memories of your grandma. Your mom didn't have much good memories with her as well. And you could definitely feel it every time they were together. But you couldn't do anything about it. You were in the middle of two parties. They shouldn't be acting this way towards each other. So instead of fueling their indifference towards each other, you preferred to stay in the background. You do what the other wished without overstepping the boundary of the other. It was fine like this but you also wanted to go to the root of this all. Then you did a little research about your family's history. And you found out that your grandma had a twin. She was at the Beacon Hill, The Orphanage. This twin was your real grandma. But she was kept there as she needed all the care she could get.

You knew that you had to let your mother know about this. Yet taking your grandma out of the orphanage needed a foolproof plan. So you set a date and time to stealthily take her home. The caretakers kept on moving about inside. But you had familiarized yourself with the structure already. Play The Beacon Hill - The Orphanage room escape game by Enagames.

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