The Baboon Escape Game

The Baboon Escape

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The poachers who just came one day 5 years ago had really taken a lot from the forest and even more! There was a small abandoned castle in the area and for the last 4 years, they had made the place their bastion and it is guarded most of the time, but what confuses the people is where they came from and why even though they had hoarded a lot of animals from the wilderness, their men are still low in numbers and that got the local people really thinking that they might still be struggling, for they can't even buy quality equipment for their hunt.

As a person who knew a lot of things about them now thanks to his meddling, David hatched a plan finally to oust them from the place and as a start, David plans to ruin their teamwork and make them go against each other. So the first thing he decided to do is to release the wild baboon they had captured and absolutely those animals are aggressive, but it will most likely run back to the plains the moment he opens the door, not engaging the armed men and David knows that. At the moment, the poachers have left to begin their new hunt and that is the right time David shall execute his plan. Escape players, he might or might not get out from this if he is caught, but he mustn't and failure is not an option. Care to join David on his daring attempt here in rescuing a dangerous animal?

The Baboon Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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