The Ancient Park 3 Game

The Ancient Park 3

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Come and try this park escape adventure here and let us continue on the challenge. The Ancient Park 3 is the newest point and click old place escape game created by Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first game as a starting-point of the series.

Orville had been trying his best to escape from the park which he entered and unfortunately got lost in, he got kind of greedy on his mission there so maybe that's the punishment of the ancient place for him. Anyways, let us all try another escape adventure here escape players and this time it's in a place which was once a diverse civilization. Eric decided to venture into some ancient structures from the time when the Mayans are still pretty prominent, now what's left are the precise structures that they erected which really looked like it can stand the tests of time.

Eric was roaming around the grounds of that ancient place and he knows how old everything there was, that makes it a true heritage from the ancient people. As Eric was roaming around the ancient grounds however, he came to realize that he seems to be alone in the place now for there was nobody around! Well unfortunately that's where Eric's challenges came to rise for when he got lost in there too, he could not ask for anyone's help! Escape players, the only landmark you can distinguish is that ancient square-shaped pyramid, care to join Eric here and see if you can get yourselves some help? Find clues then and keep moving.

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