Thanksgiving Turkey Escape (Sivi Games) Game

Thanksgiving Turkey Escape (Sivi Games)

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You never thought one of your escapes would involve a turkey. You were wandering around the neighborhood when you saw an open house. Yet you knew the owner and was wondering if they forgot to close it. So you called out to them but no answer came. You went inside to look for them. Then a strong wind blew and the door slammed shut. Behind the door inside the house was a turkey. It was looking at you as if its expecting something. You looked back at it and it just blinked. You blinked as well and started to move around the house. The turkey was just following you. However, you never liked having someone following you. You don't like a pair of eyes watching your every move. So you bent down to speak with the turkey. You told it to just stay put and you'd find a way out.

The turkey blinked and you thought it would understand. Then again, what do you expect from a turkey. It still followed you around the house. After a few minutes, you felt comfortable with the turkey. You thought it was better than figuring things out on your own. Play Thanksgiving Turkey Escape (Sivi Games) room escape game by Sivi Games.

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