Thanksgiving Rescue The Kitty Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Kitty

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Your friend is going out for the weekend. He needs someone to look after his kitty. You're free in the weekend and you need some extra cash as well. So you offer to help your friend out at a fee. He laughs at your suggestion but agrees otherwise. He understands your current situation and he's very much willing to help out. Likewise, he knows that you're very familiar with cats. Then he gives you a list of things to do for your cat. It has a lot of items on it. But nothing that is impossible. So your day begins with the cat. It's a very calm and gentle kind of cat. You're even wondering if you should do anything at all. It's like you're just there to make sure that cat's still breathing. After a little while, you feel sleepy and sleep takes over.

You wake up with the sound from the window. Then you remember the cat. You look around the house and even calls its name many times. But the cat is nowhere inside. Then you hurry outside to find it. You see the cat inside the cage and you're unable to free it. You have to find a way to rescue the kitty. Play Thanksgiving Rescue The Kitty room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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