Thanksgiving Rescue The Crocodile Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Crocodile

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Thanksgiving Rescue The Crocodile is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games. Have Fun trying to rescue a dangerous reptile!

It's thanksgiving again and Gerry was out among the forest houses looking for some wild turkey to serve at the table. Next year he won't have to do this for his turkey chicks will be grown-up when that time comes and sometimes, it is kind of dangerous to eat wild ones especially if they are under-cooked thanks to all that harmful pathogens they carry, he can't take that risk anymore so this is the last time he will hunt for wild turkeys. As he moves closer and closer near the river as he continues to follow a group of turkeys there, he found something and that got him to even abandon his hunting a bit for it's his first-time seeing such.

Along the river, there was this cage and inside it was a trapped crocodile! Never in his years of living in this place he had seen something like this, for nobody really uses cages to capture crocodiles nor do they even capture them, for they are already scarce in this area and that could tip the balance in this place if they decided to make them a part of their diets. Well Gerry needs to take-care of that huge reptile now and set it free before it gets injured. Escape players, want to join Gerry here as he rescues a semi-aquatic animal from being trapped? Go ahead then and good luck!

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