Thanksgiving Rescue The Owl Game

Thanksgiving Rescue The Owl

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The first time you touched an owl was at the owl cafe in Japan. The place was simply wonderful and the weather was amazing as well. Owls were nesting on fake trees but they seemed to be comfortable. Then you never saw an owl ever again until your friend opened a pet store. He had numerous owls inside and he let you pet them as well. He gave you one and you kept it at home. But you felt like the owl could use some time outside. So you brought it with you on your car to let it experience the outdoors even for just a short while. But on the way to the forest, your car broke down and you had to stop. You didn't want to let the owl stay inside the car. So you took the cage with you as you look for some help.

But you forgot to close the cage and the owl flew out. You weren't able to see where the owl flew. But you had no intention of ever leaving it behind. So you started to look for it even though you were a bit afraid of the place. Play Thanksgiving Rescue The Owl room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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