Thanksgiving Red Autumn Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Red Autumn Forest Escape

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The land is now turning into a hue of orange, red, and yellow, but mostly red for the species of trees there are biologically dictated to do so. The forest is getting ready for winter and as a photographer, Omar thought this is a pretty good time to capture some great pics from nature during fall, he even wanted to do a four seasons thing which the forest is capable of, he'll start with autumn first though for he got the idea during the time.

And so Omar follows the beaten path there and it's a little difficult now, for the falling leaves are covering the path and he thought he might get lost there if he is not careful, but nope for he knows the forest quite well. Omar went deeper and deeper, taking pictures and at first everything was cool, but for the first time however, Omar got lost in the forest and he was totally caught off-guard about that! Omar was dumbfounded why that happened to him, now he could no longer find the right path that can lead him back! Overconfidence can be a really dangerous thing on certain circumstances, now Omar might pay the price if he is not careful there now. Escape players, want to help him though so he can get home and learn his lesson?

Thanksgiving Red Autumn Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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  1. Date: November 13, 2020
    Author: b165042407
    The alternative thinking's level of "Bugs In Games" (BIG) programmers continues to delight. Have you noticed that in the multi-colored grape's puzzle it is impossible to return the blue color, although it should be on the bottom left? It turns out that if the player, before receiving the key, first simply tries to push on all these grapes, the game will become impassable. It's good that the bugmakers placed this puzzle at the beginning, not at the very end. Thank them for that! [Reply]

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