Thanksgiving Party Ticket Escape Game

Thanksgiving Party Ticket Escape

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Thanksgiving Party Ticket Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule for more fun escapes plus a retrieval as well. Have fun!

Greta was very pleased she was invited to a thanksgiving party in the neighborhood and it was even exclusive! It had tickets to enter because it's not just for glamour, but also for safety just to ensure no weird and unknown people would enter and steal something. Greta was pretty ready for it and she even bought a new dress, one that will make her approachable for making new friends was on her mind that time. Well everything was going okay as the night of the party draws closer, but as she checks everything that she needs, she was missing one very crucial item and that could mean not getting into the party if she doesn't find it.

Greta had lost her ticket and she knows that she didn't bring it anywhere, which makes it still in the house somewhere. There is enough time before the party kicks-off, will Greta be able to find her ticket so she can enter the area's glamorous thanksgiving party? Escape players, you are welcome to try this search with Greta here in her place, will have you know that her house isn't small so, good luck on it.

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