Thanksgiving Party Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Party Forest Escape

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There was a thanksgiving party in a village located deep in the forest and because Harold was one of the guests there, of course he accepted for he had been to such a party before in the place and the feast is absolutely extravagant! Harold likes the adventure too going there even though it's not really easy in doing so. And so Harold prepared himself and entered the forest in the usual path he passes through. Things were decent initially and Harold had been traveling for an hour now, nearer and nearer he goes until he finally realized something and it's unfortunately not good.

Harold realized that he could no longer navigate and he seems lost. Harold was not worried at first for he thought he can remedy the problem, but it just got worst. Harold now is in-need of help here for he seems to be in another settlement or somewhere which is devoid of people and it's most definitely not his destination. Escape players, will you help Harold here by escaping from where he is now and get back to the real path before the sun sets for the day?

Thanksgiving Party Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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