Thanksgiving Party Escape (Fun Escape Games) Game

Thanksgiving Party Escape (Fun Escape Games)

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Nicole was picking a good place to do that thanksgiving celebration with her friends and family, she needs to pick a modern and luxurious one for her family can be a bit fancy and they demand luxury. Well at least some of them and it's a good thing Nicole have a budget for that, but the problem was the place for she is having a hard-time looking for the perfect one. Eventually, Nicole found a luxurious room which was really built for parties and stuff. It's time to do something for a change and it was pricey, but she just hopes that they'll love it.

Nicole was looking around the rooms there alone as for her request so she can concentrate. It was good and perfect, perfect until she got into a problem there and because she was alone, she couldn't get help! Nicole didn't realize the halls were like mazes and because of that, she got lost. Escape players, Nicole would like to keep her calm as she solves this, how will you do if you are faced a situation similar as hers? Come and give this one a go then!

Thanksgiving Party Escape is a brand new point and click room escape game released by Fun Escape Games.

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