Thanksgiving Party Costume Escape Game

Thanksgiving Party Costume Escape

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Thanksgiving can be fun that is if all goes well, come and check-out this challenge here and see what might be the problem with this party. Thanksgiving Party Costume Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule.

In the antique resorts hotel is where Clarisse's family will be celebrating thanksgiving, they wanted a bit of change and besides the rooms in their respective houses aren't that big and the last time they did that, everyone could not move well for it was crowded. There was also another new thing for the family's party, they wanted it to be a costume thanksgiving party to add in more fresh things to try and see how it goes. Clarisse was ready to change-up for that because the party was for tonight and the sun will be going-down soon, well there was a problem with it though and it's most inconvenient at that time.

Clarisse could not find her costume and she had already been through her family's rooms for it! She knows she had brought it and it's just somewhere, someone might be pulling a prank on her but she can't just point fingers. Escape players, want to help Clarisse here find her thanksgiving costume? Go and try then, may you successfully finish the challenges here.

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